Our Approach

Why We Do What We Do

Put simply, we  don’t waste our clients’ money.
A wise man once said “half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the trouble is that I don’t know which half”.

Well we do.

Our commitment to extracting maximum value on advertising, media and PR delivers to ensure you get the best outcome.
The assurance gained from Lassoo’s counsel removes grey areas around spend, value and effectiveness.
You know your marketing dollars are in good hands as we increase relevance, sentiment and future-proof your brand.

How We Do It

We’re a New Zealand-owned business, so we really understand Kiwis and know success often comes from those small, shared nuances.
We also value data and analytics, but equally we rely on emotional intelligence, instinct and creativity to deliver a perfectly formed campaign that tells your story your way.
This combination of left brain and right brain gives us the best insights time and time again.

How We Think

Where are we?
Why are we here in the first place?
Where could we be and how can we get you there?
Are we there yet?
What have we learned for next time?
What’s next?