Lassoo Round Up / May 2020

Lassoo Round Up



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Buy NZ Made

There has been a massive focus from kiwis to support local businesses. This Facebook group grew from zero to nearly 300,000 followers in just over a week. Whilst this sentiment is admirable, it will require consumers to do their part too.

Historic research shows being NZ owned or made, doesn’t always influence consumer behaviour… we are hopeful this will have shifted.

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Game Time

According to ANZ, card spending on digital games is up 320 percent for the first 21 days of April, compared to the same period last year.

However, there are grave concerns that this is creating new behavioural patterns that will have negative effects post lockdown.

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Anzac Day With A Difference

Dressing gowns, handmade poppies and chalk drawings were on display across the country as New Zealanders did their bit to mark Anzac Day within their bubbles.

Radio New Zealand captured some of the ways New Zealander’s marked the day of remembrance.

In Australia, the social distancing measures in place also halted the day’s usual activities. While some Australians did make it to places of significance to pay their respects at dawn, Business Insider Australia has shared some photos showing the extent of COVID-19 disruption.

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Beware Of The Takeaway Hangover

When the clock struck midnight and we moved into Level 3, did you run to get your overdue fix of takeaways?

A few of us at Lassoo have sheepishly admitted to giving in to the temptation of a meal cooked by someone else and woke on Wednesday to what could only be described as a food fog/hangover.

But why have our bodies betrayed us like this?

A quick Google search has uncovered that salt dehydrates you, fat takes a long time to digest, and sugar and carbs will spike your blood sugar levels. On top of that, eating more than you usually would causes blood to divert away from your brain, lungs and heart as it works to digest your food.

So, this weekend as you enjoy your end of week treat, avoid the hangover by practicing portion control and drinking plenty of water.

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Old News

While we are all suffering from Covid-19 news fatigue, it has been interesting to see how similar the coverage from 100 years ago was during the last global pandemic.

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Zoom Boom

Just as investors were being richly rewarded for Zoom reaching 300M daily users, it turns out they were daily meeting participants. A significant oversight on their behalf. Zoom stocks dropped significantly as a result but are still up considerably from the start of the year.

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More Free Ads

Lumo, Mediaworks and (watch this space for more local media) are offering free advertising for struggling businesses.

While we applaud the initiative, we do worry that these media organisations will be left with some tough decisions around arbitrating these funds. Everyone is worthy and tough calls will have to be made as space gets snapped up.

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Whilst slightly inappropriate with lots of bad language, we have been looking forward to Gingerbread’s adventures every Monday. Tom Sainsbury, a local comedian, has seen his popularity skyrocket since the conception of Gingerbread the cat.

Tom uploads these videos Monday morning and by lunchtime they’ve had tens of thousands of views.

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Can't Touch This

How would you like your coffee served?

By plank or by train?

Five weeks equals 2.8m less disposable coffee cups used in New Zealand – perhaps all cafes should try this.

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Hand Reference

Been wondering how brands in other countries have been responding to Covid-19? Ads of the world has put together this handy collection, so you need not wonder anymore.

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Authenticity Is Key

“Be authentic and value-based in your marketing” is the advice coming from a
survey by Havas Australia.

More than 1000 consumers were surveyed, and according to a report by CMO, two-thirds said they’d “abandon brands and businesses that only act in their self-interest in the current environment”.

For those brands that act authentically by helping the greater good, there are benefits to be had. Of those surveyed, 80 percent believe brands have an important role to play in the COVID-19 crisis, while 78 percent reported a stronger affiliation with brands and businesses that go above and beyond during this time of crisis.

CMO’s full rundown of the survey can be read here.

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We Will Not Forget

We are pretty sure this idea from Steinlager made every New Zealander who saw it feel a little bit prouder to be a Kiwi.

A brilliant example of how powerful and emotive advertising can be when it focus on making people feel something instead of trying to make them buy something.

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Community Newspapers Get The Green Light

A sigh of relief was heard across the industry this week as Level 3 has given all
media organisations, including community newspapers and magazines, permission to reopen.

As long as they are meeting the requirements of safe operation under Level 3, the organisations may operate production and delivery of products.

Under Level 3, everyone must still work from home unless that’s not possible, and travel restrictions also apply and should be limited to minimum distances.

And while delivery of physical products is allowed, it must be contactless. With this, online and broadcast delivery of content is the preferred option according to guidance from WorkSafe.

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New Shows Ratings

TVNZ 1 continues to dominate the top 10 shows of the week AP 5+. 1 News
remains in top spot with 57% channel share.

New to programming, Bradley Walsh & Son Breaking Dad have opened to huge ratings (17.3 TARPs AP 5+) and a 46% channel share.

NZ drama ‘One Lane Bridge’, also new to the top 10 is showing promising signs for NZ local content – securing a 41% channel share and rating of 13.6 AP 5+.

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Lassoo Round Up / April 2020

Lassoo Round Up



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Credit Card Debt Plummets

Turns out we have been scrubbing off credit card debt as well as scrubbing our hands recently. This is an unexpected, but not surprising benefit.

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Return of the King

Well the king of skateboarding Tony Hawk Pro Skater is getting an overhaul of the original game. Great news for those older gamers amongst us that have returned to their PlayStations only to find that they lack the skills to effectively play any of the new games.

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Gaming Sales are Booming

Unsurprisingly, sales of computer games have increased by up to 50% since the lockdown levels started rolling out. People are also spending more time socialising online within games as they seek to replace real world interactions with virtual ones.

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Red Magic

Good for you. Good for the oceans and the ability to reduce methane omissions from Cows. Is this the magic bullet NZ has been looking for?

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To Zoom or not to Zoom?

Just when we thought the rest of our lives were going to be spent on Zoom calls, Google Meet looks like it may be set to challenge our love affair. While Meet daily users are still 200M behind Zoom, it is picking up 3M users a day and Google likes to win….


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Travis Scott Astronomical Concert

In a world first, Travis Scott launched his new single inside the online game Fortnight to 12 Million people. This is worth checking out especially if you aren’t a gamer!

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Virtual Dating

This twitter thread from entertainment journalist Amy Kaufman is a good example of how lockdown can’t keep down love and how quickly people adapt to a new reality.

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The Spinoff has labelled the Government’s handling of communications as a masterclass in masscommunications. Conversely, the UK has been showing everyone how it’s not done.

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May the 14th be with you

To acknowledge May the 14th as a new footnote in NZ history, we look to the force for good grace and a timely reminder that great creative only needs a great idea, not a great big budget.

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Pedigree Virtual Adoption

This heart-warming initiative from Pedigree is ensuring that dogs are still finding homes during lockdown.

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How Diamonds Became Forever

75 years ago, post WW2, the De Beers changed the world forever by inventing the engagement ring. But it was the legendary Frances Gerety (a.k.a Peggy Olsen from Madmen) who coined the phrase, “Diamonds are Forever” and started America’s obsession.

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Reflecting on brands that have shared names with diseases, Ayds diet supplements suddenly became hugely unpopular during the 1980’s AIDS outbreak. The TV ads probably didn’t help….

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Local Media Update

As the local media industry lurches from challenge to challenge, the only constant is uncertainty.

NZME shareholders have been questioning the direction of the company whilst Nine, Stuff’s owner, is either trying to get out of NZ entirely or increase its footprint by purchasing TV3 depending on who you talk to.

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Digital Stats

NZME has announced that there online favourite “The New Zealand Herald” has had a +37% increase from the previous yearc across page views as well as +23% increase YOY in unique browsers accessing the page. While Stuff Print has seen a drastic +223% increase in their print subscriptions over the lock down period (26th March – 23rd April)

Video On Demand:
Mediaworks is reporting over the lockdown period a 15% increase in unique browsers, whilst TVNZ saw an 18% increase.

Connected TV is still king, reaching the largest numbers of viewers weekly. TVNZ reported that 56% of their monthly streams are on connected TV and 33% for Mediaworks.

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TV Ratings

1 News at Six continues to bring in strong ratings over 20 (AP 5+). This week they held onto a 57% channel share across the coveted 6pm news slot.

Bradley Walsh & Son Breaking Dad shows that we can still satisfy our wanderlust from our couches, rating a 14.3 AP 5+ with a channel share of 40%.

New Zealand proves that they still value local content, with 7 out of the top 10 shows this week being New Zealand made.

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TV versus Social stats on 1pm Covid-19 updates

The Facebook live streams of the 1pm Covid-19 update on Jacinda Ardern’s Facebook page reach on average 328,000 people per post. In comparison on TV, 1 News midday update has an average audience of 436,000 and Newshub with 63,000 AP 5+.

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