We are Lassoo

Lassoo’s heartland is working with New Zealand businesses. We understand what it means to be a challenger brand as we are one. And we are nimble. That’s what we love about being independently owned but with enough scale to deliver exceptional value for our clients. Over 19 years we have set out to create a local agency with all the people, tools and tech platforms to ensure success of our clients.

It’s all about you, not us.

We’re here to help you get everything you can out of the media to get you noticed every step of the way.

Welcome to Lassoo.

Our Senior Team

Bridgette Smith


Ruth Perry

Commercial Director

Mark Smith

Managing Partner

Louise Paul

Communications Director

Emily Swan

Head of Media

John Baker

Client Lead

James Roberts

Head of Insight

Hamish Scott-Knight

Head of Digital Strategy

Fiona Masters

Head of Production